December 2003 { wannabe forest ranger }

Hank Paulson is passionate about banking. But he's also obsessed with snakes, tarantulas, and coral reefs.

Fall 2003 { too busy. click here for justification }

Summer 2003 { too busy living in nyc }

June 2003 { alice }

Little girls donít say
    I want to be in love
They say
    I want to fall in love
Innate desire for downward motion
    Sweet surrender to gravity
But one cannot be forever falling
    {Unless one is heading towards the fire}

March 2003 { Warren Buffet on Derivatives }

Reinsurance and derivatives businesses are similar: Like Hell, both are easy to enter and almost impossible to exit. // The two parties to the contract might well use differing models allowing both to show substantial profits for many years. In extreme cases, mark-to-model degenerates into what I would call mark-to-myth.